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110 Charing Cross Rd
London, Greater London WC2H 0JP


  • Truly excellent show, smart, talented cast and a great production. Powerful musical performances were a delight - you don't break 2 guitar strings in one song without giving it heart and soul.
  • Put your name on your town!!!
  • Seeing Once? The bar on stage opens during the intermission, so you can go up on stage and pick up a drink! All drinks are also given in commemorative cups!
  • Order snacks and drinks via Ordertorium and you won't have to leave your seats!
  • Really nice old theatre, although it is cramped... Both front of house and in your seat!
  • Nice theatre but drinks are very expensive.
  • Pre-ordering for the break will usually save you from waiting in queue during the whole break.
  • Very good theater.
  • Lovely theatre, great show
  • Watched Guys & Dolls when we were there back in 2016. We could see the stage well even in the highest level.
  • Good, personal venue for theatre. Saw Rebel Wilson's first performance here. Brilliant!
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  • Seats at the very front don't put you at too neck-hurting angle.
  • Amazing performance! Go up in stage at interval & have a drink at the real life bar.
  • Excellent show, Zrinka Cvitei was brilliant! I enjoyed every second!
  • Declan makes the show brilliant!!!
  • The theatre is so small that the bar is actually on the platform during the half break. But it is small in a nice way, quite cozy, and the sound effects are good.
  • Hot upstairs and pricy drinks. 9 for a glass of wine!!!
  • I have more toilets in my house than they have here. Queue early , ladies! Tip to theatre owner: 2 ladies toilets is not an acceptable number.

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