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Trail, Park
317 SW Alder St (Wildwood Trail)
Portland, OR 97204


  • This is the place to hang with locals & enjoy the citys lush greenery. As The Thermals describe it, Its enormous, with so many different trails, and it stretches all the way to Washington.
  • Watch out for ghosts at Portland's allegedly most haunted location Witch's Castle.
  • Go for a jog here on a sunny afternoon!
  • 32 Mile Forest and Hill hike within the confines of Portland Metro. Like Nike says "Just Do It"
  • Simply Amazing the air crackles with Magic the beauty here is something everyone would be excited to experience once in their lifetimes Portlands tastes and nightlife right around the corner WoW
  • Dont graffiti
  • Low key trails near the city for running. Definitely worth checking out
  • Beautiful park to go for a run.
  • Trails are nice, fresh air is amazing, but drive out east to Vista House if you want an experience you'll never forget!
  • Beautiful and quiet trail to run or hike
  • Awesome trails and hiking spot. Trail heads are only 5 minutes out of down town. Be sure to take the Upper Wildwood trail to the mansion...a must do!
  • One of the best trails, long enough
  • Great outdoors.
  • Ven con tiempo y con zapatos adecuados. Vale la pena
  • Wonderful hike close to the city
  • onleash dog friendly area
  • So peaceful and easy to access. Great trails right along streams with lots of wildlife.
  • Delightful, rain or shine. Don't come with a time limit, and let yourself explore
  • Slippery when wet. Trail shoes are a must during the winter months if you're running.
  • The trail is marked in blue on wooden posts and by a blue diamond marked on trees.

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