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Candy Store, Toys & Games, Theme Park
Critter Country (at Disneyland Park)
Anaheim, CA 92802


  • Despite what the name of this place, there is nowhere to take a 'pooh' here.
  • You have to get Tigger Tails!
  • Be sure to hit the hunny pot store - it's one of the only places in Disneyland to watch the chefs make fresh baked goods & candy and they sell it too!
  • A cast member dressed as Pooh was accused of slapping a kid, causing injuries. They went to court dressed as Pooh to show that the child was pulling on his costume and he was unable to do such things.
  • If everyone in your beehive agrees, they'll let you ride again w/o getting out. Just ask at the end!
  • Aaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Be careful not to step on pooh
  • People here act like their pooh don't stink
  • Sit back and relax! This is a mellow ride through the hundred acre woods!
  • Peanut Butter Sandwich.
  • You can take pics with tigger, pooh, and eeyore all in one spot.
  • The bouncer here is a little orange....ttfn
  • When you go exit the neon dream room look behind you and you will see 3 moose heads from an old Disney attraction!
  • doesn't seem to have an abundance of pooh stuff for being pooh's corner.
  • Don't get the spicy peanut brittle. It's been there since the beginning of may
  • Be sure to check out the selection of caramel apples!
  • Pooh is a little shy, but happy to take photos!
  • Whenever we are in the park, we make a special trip here to get a hunny pot apple. It is delicious. A Carmel Apple, dipped in chocolate. Wonderful
  • Tigger tails are the bomb
  • Yes ride is sweet. Get the pun... ha!

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