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4511 Baltimore Ave (at 45th St)
Philadelphia, PA 19143



  • Cute place.
  • If you like meat, get the Gored Gored rare. It's Queen of Sheba's best dish.
  • Every drink is like... $2? It's pretty great.
  • Food is bangn
  • Like Across 110th Street
  • Split between two people. The portions are pretty big.
  • I don't think I ever waited that long for my food.
  • Comedy Contest & Open Mic every 1st Sunday of the month! Win $50 or vote for winners!
  • Citywide=a shot of whiskey and a PBR can. Magnificent!
  • Get the Long Island Iced Tea and have Will make it. You'll get a good buzz!
  • A shot of whisky and a pbr is only $3. Can't really beat that.

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