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Music Venue, Concert Hall, Parking
7800 Cellar Door Dr (Wellington Rd)
Bristow, VA 20136


  • Wondering who was the first act to perform at Jiffy Lube Live? The answer: The Village people. Remember Y-M-C-A? Yes, those guys. Team Live Nation
  • Bring cash!
  • 11 dollar beers? Really? Smh
  • Try to park on the hill. It gets you out faster and a more private area without the crowds around you. Love my country concerts but one con is they are like being at a frat party.
  • The guys at the A1 tent will upgrade your tickets to table seating in section 205 for free!
  • The parking here is HORRIBLE! It's so bad they try to make money selling "VIP" parking. Just stop going here until they fix their horrible parking lots. .
  • the lawn is legit.
  • Don't come hungry, they will leave your wallet in tears
  • VIP parking + leaving before the encore = stress-free departure
  • Pay for premium parking or stay home. The wait to get out of the parking lot is longer than the concert.
  • If you arrive before parking lots open, pull over before passing the entrances. Otherwise you'll be forced to park way at the other end.
  • Home of the $11 beer!
  • Use your phone to text JLL + your problem to 69050 ... Does this work?
  • It's quite obvious why these idiots with flashlights in the parking lot aren't allowed to land planes at Dulles..
  • don't forget to go to the annual Jimmy Buffett concert.
  • TRAFFIC IS ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. they only have one exit and only letting traffic go one direction after exiting!!! Retarded.
  • The Jonas Brothers & Demi Lovato performed here twice!! I saw them both times <3
  • Fresh Lemonades are delicious but super sweet!
  • Aerosmith :-)
  • Not as cool as Merriweather but still a pretty decent venue

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