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Movie Theater, Indie Movies
6817 5th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11220
(718) 748-4283



  • this place sucks. people in the theater will not stop talking!
  • In theater 8 why can't the rest of the theaters be like this... So much more room and more comfy seats!
  • If you want snacks such as candy and chips, you're better off going to the comic book store next door. More options and cheaper.
  • $7 midnight premiers through the summer, or $9 for 3D. + Unlimited free popcorn and soda refills on night of premiers.
  • Not like there's alot of theatre choices left & it is still cheaper....
  • This place has all t best movies!!
  • Nice theatre
  • Convenience is key since it's right in Bay Ridge. It seems that they are finally starting to fix things including the women's bathroom which a month ago didn't even have a working hand dryer.
  • New seats in most of the theaters, from what I can tell. They're trying to make it better. They also raised ticket prices to $10 (matinees are still $7).
  • Ummm $3 popcorn and $9 evening screenings/$7 matinees. One of the few remaining affordable movie theaters left in the city
  • Theater 8, brand new, best seats in Brooklyn
  • It smells like a public pool in there.
  • $7-9 for an adult ticket? That alone is worth it compared to $14 in the city. Not the cleanest or most hi-tech, fancy movie theater, but it's a neighborhood staple. Sit in the a/c, watch, and leave.
  • For a bargain time, come to this cinema ($9) and bring your own food and beverage! So cheap! Makes going to the movies feel worth it.
  • Kick Back while your kid naps in the stroller. (Wishful thinking?)Anyway, have some popcorn and relax in a movie before dinner.
  • Don't come here if you have a choice to go to the city. The seats are really, really dirty and broken down! Dirtiest movie theatre ever!!!
  • How does a movie theatre not have surround sound for the movies. This spot does not have it, but insist in charging same pricing. Never again!
  • I love the matinee if you can swing the time. It's nice and cheap and then you can go to the Galaxy Comics store afterwards.
  • Pros: its cheap and conveniently located. Cons: its usually pretty filthy, frequently the movie starts with either no sound or no picture and the staff are often pathologically unfriendly.
  • Really

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