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Gym / Fitness
8612 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 652-7440


  • If you like to work out peacefully the best hour to go is between noon and 3pm
  • Love this Gym and the crew is very friendly
  • It would be even more awesome if ppl returned their weights.... Come on gays & girls, let's do a better job.
  • For just a few bucks more, get a multi-club membership so you have many options while traveling on business!
  • Loos amazing post-renovation. my favorite class so far is zumba on fridays with Yaminah...feels like a warm-up for some weekend dancing.
  • Remodel looks great. More space, new machines, better cardio...and TOWELS!
  • Hm.. if the 24hr Fitness Arc light Hollywood is super busy, come here. It's less crowded.
  • Always usa a towel when using the sauna! Feels like im going to get some sort of skin disease.
  • They play more rock music Here vs more dance music at the one on sunset and Ivar :)
  • Try steven's hip hop class. It's the bomb. Good luck keeping up.
  • Don't listen to all the complainers, thus Gym is one of the better I have ever been to. I'm not sure what this place was like before the recent remodel but now it's top notch.
  • Spin class on Tuesday nite is bomb. Instructor is very friendly and let me crash one time even if the class is full. Plays good music from edm to indie to miley.
  • Weight room looks like Greek sculpture wing of the Met. Damn.
  • Newly renovated! Awesome
  • I find it's better to go in the mornings (around 6am) than after 7pm at night, when it gets REALLY CROWDED.
  • Make sure you ask for a towel at the front desk when checking in. A lot of the time they run out of towels upstairs and doesn't get replenished. It will save you a trip down.
  • Wow- this gym has been totally redone! It now has a pool and it doesn't resemble a bathhouse!
  • Be creative with your exercises if you dont wanna wait! Look at equipment beyond what its built for.
  • Nice gym and very friendly staff, negative is that a lot of ppl arent there for fitness more like a date. If you arent comfortable with same sex AVOID this gym.
  • Good time to come for a quieter workout and no machine waiting.

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