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1948 SW Broadway (Broadway & College)
Portland, OR 97201
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm
10:45am - 10:00pm



  • Whole30 meal idea: Salad - lettuce, carnitas, guacamole, and tomato salsa only. Add green tomatillo salsa for an extra kick.
  • Avoid the guacamole upgrade if the short gal with two-toned hair is serving. They don't call her "Light-hand McGee" because she's Irish.
  • I went up and they were out of steak so I waited andd went up again but they were out of black beans so I waited. I ended up with free food
  • The Manager had told me that they receive 3 shipments of supplies every week. Now that's fresh!!
  • Get your burrito fillings mixed! It makes better into best! :)
  • Ask for a queso burrito. Doesn't cost extra and it makes it extra tasty.
  • Probably one of the worst Chipotles in existence. Hard pass.
  • Burrito bowl ftw
  • Apparently the pinto beans don't have pork in them anymore fyi lol
  • Veggie bowl with guac is a good Meatless Monday option
  • There is no more free drink with student ID anymore
  • Drinks are no longer free with PSU Student ID.
  • Get the guacamole. It's extra but it's worth it.
  • Quesadillas are not on the menu, but you can get a large or small.
  • Free drinks with student id
  • They have brown rice now!
  • Bowl > Burrito! You get more.
  • The pinto beans have bacon in them... according to the guy who put the beans on my burrito. I love bacon, but vegetarians may have issues with that.

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