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Bookstore, Arts & Entertainment
1217 Caroline St NE (Edgewood Retail District)
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 522-0212


  • This Barnes & Noble store is also an AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot. Curl up with your Nook and connect with AT&T Wi-Fi.
  • Err... standard B&N. Staff is pretty useful and well read and generally peaceful enough environment for study time.
  • The wifi is super slow
  • The book selection, the knowledge of the staff, the ambiance is all good. I think I'll become a fan of physical book stores again!
  • Big fan of B&N ...
  • Stand in line to meet Bill Clinton.... Maybe after my eye exam
  • Excelente surtido de libros de cualquier tema, discos y regalos
  • Good books check out the top five
  • The wifi quality here is one step above nonexistent. Actually it might be below that. So incredibly slow, frustrating.
  • .Great Pre Date spot
  • We love story time on Tuesdays at 11:00 with Miss Victoria! Great author events as well.
  • The only 4 outlets are always taken up so com in full battery!
  • Don't forget your headphones if you don't want to get distracted with all the kids running around.
  • The restrooms are atrocious..
  • Don't come here if you expect speedy wifi. The wifi crawls in here.

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