Aphrodisiac Menu Permanent Addition to NYC's Giulleitta's Cantina Club

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Aphrodisiac Menu Permanent Addition to NYC's Giulleitta's Cantina Club

NEW YORK, March 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- After the success of Giulietta's Aphrodisiacs menu, featured as a Valentine's Day addition, the restaurant has decided to keep it as a permanent addition.

"Our aphrodisiac menu is like no other," said Mike Greco owner of Giulietta's and former Director of Operations at the world famous Il Mulino in NYC. "The aphrodisiac menu will follow the same wine pairing etiquette as the rest of our menu, serving as a tasteful learning experience."

Giulietta's Aphrodisiacs menu features six different dishes that are all created to inspire romance. The dishes include Pepper Seared Carpaccio Amalia, Roasted Oysters, and Sardinian Grilled Lamb Chop, among others. Giulietta's is pleased to continue to offer these delicious additions to the already popular dinner menu.

 "I am beyond excited to share my passion for Italian cuisine and wine throughout Italy with the rest of the world," said Michael Greco. "Our menu was born through my infatuation for discovering the perfect combination of food and wine."

The restaurant has already caught a buzz as one of New York City's hotspots due to the heavy celebrity appearances at their New York Fashion Week after-party. The night included performances by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Joseph Wooten of the Steve Miller Band and Andy Hilfiger, renowned musician, and brother of acclaimed fashion designer, Tommy Hilfiger.

"Giulietta's is the place you go when you want to feel like you are in Venice or Verona, the home of Romeo and Giuliette.  It's born out of my love for the great cantinas that you find on the side streets of these iconic city's.  The addition of our aphrodisiac menu pairs well with the romance that comes from the gondola rides on the grand canal or a balcony during a sunset in Verona.  We have already had three marriage proposals in our place, the aphrodisiacs must be working," said Greco.

Giulietta's is located in New York City's West Village at 13 Carmine Street.

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