Anthony Bourdain Chats About How to Pick Locations, and Wants to Go to Philadelphia


Anthony Bourdain

SXSW is live streaming a ton of their panels, so we figured we'd listen in on what Anthony Bourdain had to say on "Digital Debauchery." Naturally, it was worth it.

Not only did he chat about some problems with Food Network, he also spilled on what's coming up for his show. Having just come back from Finland (where No Reservations has a huge following, apparently), Bourdain does say that he normally likes, "hot, messy, dysfunctional, passionate countries where people are barely keeping their sh*t together."

Nevertheless, he wants to do a Philadelphia show, saying it's been neglected, but "I'm still looking for a hook, a way in... it always has to be something, sometimes it's a nonsensical thing." As for Austin, Bourdain ate at Franklin Barbecue, which he called "un-f*cking-believable." He wouldn't spill his next stops, however.

The TV personality also shared that he's really into Ruth Bourdain ("He was unmasked a while back and everybody sort of pretended not to notice because we want it to keep going,") as well as Angry Bobby Flay and Paula on Trial. "Of the fake Paula Deens, the Paula on Trial, I think, is the best I’ve seen," he said. We're sure he loved SNL's spoof, too.