Anthony Bourdain Cancels Chicago Hot Dog Shoot

The media personality cancelled a shoot after his appearance was advertised to bring in customers

If you ever want to cross Anthony Bourdain (other than by being Paula Deen), all you have to do is advertise his appearance at your restaurant.

Earlier today, Bourdain posted a photo on Twitter of a sign advertising his appearance at a hot dog stand this coming Saturday. "Come and enjoy the filming and $1.00 Hot Dogs, All the trimmings, no fries included. Limit 2," the sign read.

Bourdain, however, was not happy. "How NOT to get your place on TV: #cancelthatshoot!" he tweeted.

Turns out, the place was Budacki's Drive-In in Chicago, which was schedule for a slot on The Layover. "Very disappointed to miss out on Budacki's hot dogs," Bourdain later tweeted. "But unhappy that the shoot was advertised as a 'personal appearance' and marketing device."

Turns out, Bourdain dislikes having people know he's going to be there in advance, wanting to shoot on an average day. "A staged 'audience' screws that whole dynamic up," he tweeted. Budacki's must have made a mistake, since Bourdain claims that the production team makes this request "explicitly clear in advance." Future restaurants, be warned.

Jessica Chou is an associate editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @jesschou.