Anthony Bourdain Acts All Humble on 'The Daily Show'

Watch his appearance with Jon Stewart on last night's show

Anthony Bourdain

Food personality and No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain popped over to Jon Stewart's The Daily Show last night, and the two chatted about his amazing life, the consequential side effects of his amazing life, and how to find the best eats around.

They talked about taking risks while eating, and Bourdain shared that a joke within the crew is, "If there's not at least a 50 percent chance of diarrhea when you eat something, it's almost not worth eating." As far as finding the best local eats, he recommends drinking a lot with locals.

It's not the most controversial interview (Paula Deen is not mentioned; neither is Sandra Lee), but it does make you want Bourdain's job (if you didn't want it already).