Anjuna Beach

Anjuna, Goa 403 509


  • Famous parties specially on fullmoon days, trance music lovers can have a field day. Also for people who love cheap shopping, there are a couple of flea markets around the corner.
  • The trance party with dance, frolic, and merriment goes all night besides the fire. It is just the right place for lazing holidaymakers.
  • The Anjuna beach in Goa is known for its full-moon (acid house) parties. Held for and by young tourists, these parties have attracted thousands of tourists.
  • Do NOT under any circumstances let the locals touch your ears: it's a scam scheme!!!
  • Water sports on these beaches include jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and falling from a banana boat can be worth giving a shot.
  • If you don't want the local traders to bug you, get a seat inside one of the cafes, preferably one with a staircase: they do not go up there.
  • Anand Bar n Restaurant find it Park it n eat there, the best restaurant I'm arjuna
  • Nice...make Experience....
  • Near the P O 800m from the beach is a great French Cafe. It's the ultimate breakfast spot for the western backpacker. Great coffee, lush fruit juices, and a muesli fruit yoghurt stack to die for.
  • Dont forget to attend the Saturday Night Beach party during season! Mesmerizing Experience! Food, people, Music!! Hot spot for tourists from other countries!
  • Best at night
  • No scuba diving !
  • Anjuna is not beautiful beach as compared to othr beach of goa.Anjuna is famous 4 its trance party held on beach during tourist season.Beach is less crowdy after 6 u can do gud time pas with ur frnds.
  • No beach rite now...just a rock cliff!
  • The worst place in India
  • Hippie? Psytrance? Psy life? Here's where u wanna go!!
  • Best part to swim is either in front of curlies or shorebar
  • Lots of beach shacks and nice ambience. Good compromise fun vs. relax
  • best beach oF Goa
  • Sunset is worth watch from here

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Anjuna Beach
Anjuna Beach