Angry Birds Lays a Cookbook

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Can the celebrity app strut its way to the table?
Angry Birds Cookbook

Angry Birds Cookbook


If you have a marketable brand, run with it, or in the case of the popular app Angry Birds, fly with it. Rovio, the animation company behind the hit has already turned Angry Birds into a franchise, selling millions of t-shirts, key chains, and toys depicting the vengeful feather balls. Yet Peter Vesterbacka, the lucky man with the lucky name behind Rovio's marketing and business development, is not satisfied with simple accessories.

Enter the Angry Birds cookbook. The game has enjoyed nearly 1.2 billion hours of usage in the US--that's a lot of people working up an appetite…for…eggs? What else would an Angry Birds cookbook serve up? If the creators are feeling a bit ironic, we hope to see recipes for Jerk Chicken and Green Pig Curry as well.


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