Amtrak's Lamb Shanks (Seriously) and More Recipes

In today's Weekly Recipe Review, a look at the Mutsu apple, plus perfect pizza from Jim Lahey

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NY Mag
Mutsu apples (also known as Crispins) may just replace your Honeycrisp obsession this fall; try it in this apple salad with feta and walnuts.

LA Times
Here is Amtrak's lamb shank recipe with mushrooms, which was actually developed by Seattle's Tom Douglas. Who knew?

NY Times
Quail and grapes. Yes.

SF Chronicle
Brussel sprouts and kimchi? Sure, why not. Toss in some Sriracha for good measure, too.

Scorch some (normally-mild) shisito peppers, but watch out for the random spicy one. It's like playing roulette with your taste buds.

Chicago Tribune
Jim Lahey shares a no-knead pizza crust recipe, plus how to make a classic margherita pie.

Seattle Times
More apple recipes. One for every day, in fact. As the adage goes...

Kitchen Daily
Make your own ricotta for a ricotta and prosciutto bruschetta.

Portland Press Herald
If you're super crafty and want to make something pretty, try this woven zucchini dish with goat cheese. If not, just make zucchini fritters.

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Washington Post
Make your own brunch (and save the $20 for later) with this mushroom Benedict recipe. Unless you're too hungover this weekend.