Americans Need Internet More Than Coffee, and More News

In today's Media Mix, the struggles of community gardens, plus never-used kitchen gadgets

The Daily Meal's Media Mix brings you the biggest news around the food world.

Pass on the Latte, Where's My Computer?: Research from a consulting group in Boston found that people would prefer to give up coffee for a year rather than the Internet. Nearly three-fourths of respondents said they would give up alcohol before the Internet, too. [Kansas City Business Journal]

Food Allergy Tests 'a Waste': A Toronto allergy specialist warns that commercial allergy tests are inefficient because they can't determine exactly what makes antibodies react in a way that causes food allergies. [The Globe and Mail]

New Name for International Line of Kraft Foods: The company announced the birth of its global snack line, named "Mondelez" to evoke a sense of "delicious" and "world." [Washington Post]

No Sense of Community at Community Gardens: It's a struggle between communal plots and individual plots in the nations' growing number of community gardens, forcing gardeners to find the line between communism and private property. [NPR/ The Salt]

The Forgotten Kitchen Utensils: The New York Times explores the overpriced, unncessary kitchen tools consumers are drawn to buy — and leave to sit in the back of the drawer. [NYT]