Americans Aren’t Eating as Much McDonald’s Anymore

McDonald’s quarterly financial report shows that for three months in a row, McDonald’s sales have fallen in America

Are we just plain-old getting tired of McDonald's?

We just aren’t craving the Big Mac anymore, it seems. McDonald’s has come out with its quarterly financial report showing that sales in America are down for the third month in a row. McDonald’s has said that they are blaming the cold weather snap and that profits should be back and booming as the spring and summer months continue.

“We continue to view McDonald’s domestic business as hampered by a menu with far too many items on it, which is slowing average service times (most worrisome regarding the drive-thru), which in turn makes same-store traffic growth that much more difficult to achieve,” Janney Capital Markets analyst Mark Kalinowski wrote in a memo according to the Chicago Tribune.

In layman’s terms, it basically means that the fast food competition, from Taco Bell breaking into the breakfast scene, KFC bringing back the Double Down and introducing a chicken corsage, or Chipotle re-vamping its menu to include vegan sofritas, is experiencing tremendous growth. There was good news for the Golden Arches though: international sales of McDonald’s continue to rise.


Joanna Fantozzi is an Associate Editor with The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @JoannaFantozzi