Sandwich of the Week: America’s Top 20 New Sandwiches

Brendan Spiegel of The Endless Simmer and his readers give their take on the best new sandwiches in the U.S.

The New Luther

#9 Westside Monte CristoMelt Bar & Grilled, Cleveland

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: there’s no food so good that it can’t be made better by a trip to the deep-fryer. Kudos to Melt for being brave enough to test this theory out on the Monte Cristo breakfast sandwich — honey ham, smoked turkey, Swiss and American cheese — all battered in beer and deep-fried. (Photo: Melt)


#8 ChacareroLa Sombra, Austin

We’re officially placing money on Chile’s signature sandwich — the chacarero — to become the next bahn mi, and La Sombra‘s version is the most sumptuous we’ve seen yet. Shiner Bock marinated sliced hangar steak topped with green beans, avocado, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, and spicy mayo, all on a thin, toasty bolillo. (Photo: La Sombra)


 #7 KoagieSammy Chon’s, Cherry Hill

We thought the bulgogi steak sandwich was one-of-a-kind, but apparently the greater Philly area is awash with Korea/Pennsylvania mash-ups. Sammy Chon's (formerly, Myung Ga) Koagie is a fresh hoagie roll filled with bulgogi steak, pork, or chicken and topped with kimchi, Korean sesame coleslaw, and spicy Kirby cucumbers. (Photo: Sammy Chon's)


#6 Artisan Foie Gras Torchon & Duck Prosciutto SandwichNaked Lunch, San Francisco

Tomato, butter lettuce, black truffle salt, and, um, what it says above. With this alongside other seasonal sandwich options like “pig and peach” and fried soft shell crabs with avocado and daikon, Naked Lunch could fill a top ten list of great new sandwiches all by itself. (Photo: Cinnachick)


#5 The StingerJim’s Steakout, Buffalo

Call this the anti-foie gras and duck prosciutto. Jim’s Stinger is just a basic steak sandwich with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion… oh, yeah, and some chicken fingers on top for good measure. (Photo:Jim's)