America’s Favorite Halloween Candy

The 30 top candies we love for trick-or-treating

Click through out slideshow to see where Starbursts landed on our list.

We all know that Halloween is a magical time of year. While of course that has something to do with all the witches and goblins walking among us, it is also because it is the one time of the year we are expected to gorge ourselves on candy. Diet be damned, there is nothing quite like bringing home an epic haul from your neighborhood rounds.

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But as fun as it is to go trick-or-treating, when you are on candy duty there is a slight bit of pressure. We will always remember the families that gave out "the good stuff," the ones who knew what we wanted and didn’t give out lame tricks like pennies or apples. In order to be that beloved house on the block you have to know what the people want. 

In order to discover what America’s favorite sweet treats are, we asked our readers to take an eight-part survey and cast their vote for their favorite three candies in each category. We pulled together a list of contenders that ranged from gummy candies to nutty candies that can all be found on shelves today. Out of a selection of 74 candies, we ranked the voted top 30 — and the list might surprise you. Classic candies like Whoppers, Milk Duds, and even Reese's Pieces didn’t make the cut. However, the survey did prove that decade’s old candies, like Hershey’s Bars and Twizzlers still have a place in our candy selection come this sweet holiday.


To see what should make it into your candy bowl this Halloween, check out our accompanying slideshow and stock up to become the envy of the block!