America’s Best New Sandwiches of 2012

Brendan Spiegel of Endless Simmer shares his take on the best new sandwiches in the US

Americans love sandwiches, probably more than any other food. There's just something so perfectly delectable about a meal that can be stuffed in between two slices of bread. And while there are plenty of classic American sandwiches — Katz's corned beef in New York, Philippe's French dip in Los Angeles — with no offense intended to those standard-bearers, there are few things more exciting to food lovers than discovering a fantastic new sandwich. That being said, here are the best sandwiches we discovered this year.

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Last year, Endless Simmer took a look at some of the more outrageous sandwich creations popping up at restaurants around the nation — from Korean cheesesteaks to Brussels sprouts subs and fried chicken and doughnut monstrosities. While it seemed nearly impossible to top that list, it turns out America’s sandwich artisans haven’t stopped innovating.

This year, we scoured the nation and found some of the craziest, loveliest, cheesiest, most creative new sandwiches yet. From the simple-but-genius pane e panelle to some much more outrageous creations (Vietnamese meatball sub, anyone?), these 10 new sandwiches are each worth getting on a plane for.