AMC Westgate 20

Movie Theater, Cineplex
9400 W Hanna Dr (in Westgate Entertainment District)
Glendale, AZ 85305
(623) 772-1371


  • After you put butter on your popcorn, eat it with your tongue like a lizzard so you don't get your hands messy. :)
  • I'm not a fat person but those seat backs feel small. Lose some weight if you come here or feel the wrath of small seat backs to the max!
  • Super friendly staff.
  • Sneak in some treats and water... This place will bleed you dry!!
  • No student discount. Ill never go here again
  • If you think you might have to use the bathroom in there, bring arctic clothing.
  • I've been here several times. The bathrooms are consistently less than stellar. Management really should correct this. Seriously, it's sanitary issue that is consistent.
  • Good theater size but the snacks are hard on the wallet large drink and juice was 10.50!!!
  • Tickets and food are rather pricey but the screens are huge and the seats are comfy.
  • Go on a weekday for $5.25 viewings. Awesome deal! :] If you're with a group of friends, and you get popcorn, ask for water cups and use them for sharing popcorn! Less of a hassle & no one hogs it! ;]
  • If you go here a lot you should definitely look into our AMC stubs card! Oh..and i work say hii:)
  • get here early if you want concessions. slow staff
  • For $5.25 mon- thurs its grat. It was cold in there, Id suggest a snuggie!
  • I love the super supply of jalepeno Peppers for my popcorn
  • Upper theatres are minuscule my livingroom is bigger
  • If you go as much as I do to the 5 dollar movies stubs reward OS where its at!
  • Bargin: watching new Resident Evil movie on opening weekend for only 5 dollars-10:45am
  • It's always cold in this theater so bring a sweater. Employees are nice but concessions are slow. But they always make sure your happy, if you have an issue, tell the manager, they hook you up!!!
  • Inception!
  • Get to your movie at least 45 minute. Early if you want snacks the staff are slow and there never seems to be enough of them. Took me 30 minutes to get a soda and a small popcorn today.

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