AMC Southpoint 17

Row 1

8030 Renaissance Pkwy (The Streets at Southpoint)
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 313-6627

Foursquare Tips

  • Skip the overpriced concession stand and sneak in your own food and drinks!
  • Buy candy at Target before coming here. Carry a giant purse and bring a six pack of beer.
  • They pop fresh popcorn ONSITE in the back of the concesdion stand. All 3D glasses are washed through a dishwasher after every show.
  • Use the kiosk instead of waiting in line
  • All of the popcorn sold here is popped in house and then put into "giant bags" to move it from the popper in the back to the front of the concession stand.
  • Go here to watch movies
  • Get the AMC stubs card if you come frequently. After every $100 you spend, you get $10 back
  • Such a lovely experience everytime
  • Never get the chicken tenders.
  • This IMAX screen is not like the ones in museums or science centers. It is smaller. Still a nice sized screen. Just don't want you to be disappointed.
  • Reclining chairs, moveable armrests with cupholders on them, stadium seating, and lots of leg room! Definitely use the ticket kiosk, though, and be aware that the popcorn is made that morning.
  • It would appear this theater DOES NOT pop its own popcorn. It is pre-popped and stored in giant plastic bags to be heated under lights by the time you order it.
  • Get the reward card. Every dollar spent is a point, earn movie tickets.
  • The cake is a lie.
  • People need to not be on their cell phone during the movie.
  • If caught seeing into an r rated movie you will be asked to leave. So see the movie you have tickets for.
  • Please for humanity's sake avoid cheese pizza!
  • My #1 movie theater to see my favorite movies!
  • To correct a previous tip from a mayor: OMNIMAX is on a dome like a planetarium. Many museums (like Marbles in Raleigh) have full-size IMAX screens unlike the IMAX-lite here.
  • Come early enough for an IMAX movie and make sure to visit the bathroom to scrub off the pink-eye from the 3D glasses. ;-)