AMC Southcenter 16

Movie Theater, Cineplex, Snacks
3600 Southcenter Mall (in Southcenter Mall)
Tukwila, WA 98188
(206) 214-0180


  • Remember to silence your phone after checking-in to FourSquare!
  • Park on the third level of the garage when seeing a movie here. It's the shortest walk to/from your car.
  • Why is the audience so ill-behaved & rude/trashy @ Southcenter AMC??? Ahh yes.... Because it's "southenders" who talk thru the movie & bring their too young children to late, adult movies////:-(
  • love watching the movies here, and the foods in the food court are great.
  • Have a friend bring a big purse so you can sneak in drinks and snacks. It's much cheaper this way!
  • The IMAX isn't a real IMAX. It's simply a slightly larger screen. For real IMAX, head to Pacific Science Center.
  • I love this theatre! And the ladies restroom has a cool area with stools where you can touch up your makeup. :-)
  • Great theatre... Seating is great and right in the mall!
  • The IMAX is a real IMAX. People who say it isn't are just whining. It's 3 times the size of a normal screen and only 25% smaller than the science center one. Theirs looks bigger from the rounded room.
  • Buy your AMC tickets at Costco and save money.
  • If you fart, don't pretend it was someone else and blame the "ventilation system" if it lingers too long.
  • Comfortable seats!
  • The theater is open Christmas Day 2012! But the mall is closed so parking will be a breeze!
  • You can usually sneak into two movies because its so crowded here :)
  • I didn't like this place. To much people.
  • This theater is getting a little run down but overall good experience.
  • Comfy seats, lots of movie options and times!
  • Amc is the best
  • Air conditioning!!!
  • Great Theater just pricy food that i can't afford