AMC NorthPark 15

Row 1

8687 N Central Exy, Suite 3000 (in NorthPark Center)
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 265-7138

Foursquare Tips

  • Dallas Observer crowned this as The Best Movie Theater in our Best of Dallas 2010!
  • One of our favorite movie theaters in Dallas! Comfy seats, great location and if you buy an Icee to go with your popcorn, you'll feel like a kid all over again!
  • Poke out the lenses of your 3-D glasses and find a mirror. Aw. Hell. YEAH. That's a good look for you.
  • Can't bring in food from food court anymore. So rebel and sneak it in!
  • If possible, see your movie in the 4K-resolution ETX theater. The cost is a tad higher, but the sound and picture is IMAX quality.
  • They have a full bar now! And you can bring your drink in to your movie.
  • Bring a big purse so you can sneak in your outside food
  • Jack n coke, at the movies, why yes indeed!
  • Not that thirsty? Don't want to pay $4.50 for a bottle of water you won't drink entirely. Just ask for a complimentary cup water.
  • Coke Zero on tap... can't go wrong. Once you get some, tweet @cokezero & let us know what you're seeing and how the Zero went down.
  • watch the movies here, they are great.
  • The assigned seating is the worst idea EVER! Get rid of it!
  • Bring a coat, especially if you're going to drink a cold drink from the concessions. It gets freezing cold in there.
  • They don't allow outside food anymore...lame. Ill just have to sneak it in now.
  • If you want to pay too much to hear other people talk around you in a dark room, this is the place for you!
  • Be sure to sit right behind the railing near the walkway. It's the best spot when you're bootlegging movies. You're welcome.
  • This theatre now has reserved seating. So buy your tickets online, pick your seats in advance, then show up just before show time. No need to get here early and wait in line anymore.
  • Cant decide which flick to pick? Let the critics help you decide. Check out movie reviews here:
  • Beware peewee herman types such as "t-shaw"
  • Catch the early show (before noon) for $6!