AMC Loews Waterfront 22

Movie Theater, Cineplex, Arcade
300 W Waterfront Dr (at E Main St)
Homestead, PA 15120
(412) 462-6550


  • Buy your tickets from the kiosks on your left. You'll save a lot of time and miss the admission line.
  • The week day $5 special is the best movie deal in town. Not to mention the concession stand is awesome!
  • Using your phone is not only courteous, but it enhances the experience for everyone else.
  • So they do away with the $5 movies, popcorn and drink deals and u can't get a free movie for your birthday? Why did i come here again?
  • Mon-Thur: $5 before 5:55pm, $7.50 evening Fri/Sat/Sun: $5 before noon, $7.50 before 3:55pm, $10 evening
  • get to the theater early on the weekends!
  • Wednesday is the night to go if you like older movies but never had a chance to see them on the silver screen.
  • When you buy VIP seating tickets you get a coupon for $3.50 off for the Loews Club food upstairs (a coupon for each ticket purchased).
  • Reserved seating is a must if available. Food upstairs is drive thru quality and service is HORRIBLE.
  • Stubs card is totally worth $1/month
  • Special on Tuesday $5:00 movie
  • Ask Lenny for a free sample!
  • does anybody know the wi-fi password?
  • I got in line for the bathroom, ended up seeing Perks of a Wallflower. You live and learn.
  • Pittsburgh is famous all over theaters this summer but everyone thinks it's Gotham! Learn all about when Hollywood meets the Steel City in Pittsburgh's Film History by John Tiech
  • For those concerned with their sugar levels, the concession stand does have 4 types of iced tea available, including a pretty decent unsweetened iced tea - refreshing!
  • No matter what you do keep your phone away! No text message is so important that you have to have the glaring light annoying everybody.
  • Go to the dollar store and buy your candy !
  • Spring for the VIP seats ! Well worth the Money !
  • Looking at your phone during the movie is not only rude, but spoils the moment for everyone else.

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