AMC Loews Village 7

Movie Theater, Cineplex
66 3rd Ave (at E 11th St)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 982-2116


  • If you go to a movie before 12 it's only $6!
  • A bit on the older side and could definitely use some sprucing up, but no where near as crowded as its Union Square neighbor.
  • Saw a guy jerking off in the corner. GROSS!
  • Cupholders are seriously slanted - watch your drink
  • One of the shittiest theatre's in NY, but I love how they play old-school movies
  • They have renovated this theater and made it awesome. It now has full recliner seats. You can also reserve your seat so that you don't have to wait in line. Get a small pop corn and enjoy the movie.
  • Literally the shittiest theater ever - old seats, bad layout, no machines to print tickets so everyone waits in line whether or not you preordered
  • Sticky floors, seats falling apart. We took a arm rest for a souvenir. Avoid! Dirty!
  • Forget what you used to know about this place. Huge improvements on everything after being under construction. The new reclining leather chairs are divine.
  • Reclining leather seats FTW! Ignore the older tips, this place is so much better after all the renovations.
  • You can easily sneak in food. Save some money. Also their popcorn tastes amazing.
  • If you come for 11am film, only popcorn is on lower level. (We're on 7th floor) :-(
  • All tickets discounted before noon. Great way to catch summer blockbusters on a budget!
  • Seats are awful
  • Popcorn all over the floor, rats were eating it during the movie.
  • I thought this theater was one of the worst in the city but with the new renovations it has reclining seats! So it's getting much better.
  • In the process of remodeling. All seats here are the new recliners. So good.
  • AMC Loew's Village 7 is renovating its theaters, while keeping some of them open as they are redone. Reclining leather seats and a new marquee are said to be coming.
  • Grab tickets or watch Tribeca Film Festival screenings here, April 16-27!
  • Built on the site of the former Dept. of Public Charities bldg-where, in 1902, Ernest Coulter helped org. the 1st NY Childrens Court. 2 yrs later, he founded Big Brothers to help boys he saw in court

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