AMC Kips Bay 15

Cineplex, Movie Theater
570 2nd Ave (btwn E 30th & E 31st St)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 447-0638


  • One of the more pleasant movie theaters in the city because its not overly crowded. Ticket machine pro-tip -- Swipe with the stripe UP! Its counter-intuitive yes, but everyone struggles with it.
  • Rite aid next store for snacks and drinks
  • FAKE IMAX! Go to Lincoln Square, it's the only real IMAX in the area.
  • Newer theater with stadium seating and few crowds... One of the best theaters in the city!
  • Fandango before. Don't get sold out.
  • Movies before noon are half off! Great way to catch summer blockbusters at a fantastic discount.
  • IMAX 3D is overrated. Just see it in 3D.
  • One of the best AMC Theatres in the city!
  • Snacks next door are always a last minute save if you're running late. Great theatre to avoid the crowds at union & times sq. Fake IMAX so don't waste your time or money. Great weekday date night.
  • Among the newer, nicer, cleaner, better-equipped, more comfortable cineplex movie theaters in Manhattan. Not an art theater, but a great mainstream movie night out.
  • A nice theatre it has the original posters for old movies that came out years ago. It also has Sistine chapel of movie actors all over the ceiling. Very extensive food menu for a movie theatre
  • Come early for cheaper shows !
  • You can't get a bad seat here. Very comfortable chairs and a lot of leg room. 15 screens and lots of different movies all the time.
  • Spacious and clean theater. Try not to go during opening weekend of the next blockbuster as you'll end up hunting for a pair of seats.
  • $8 matinee at Kips Bay on the Eastside as oppose to $15 on the West. Save money and pick up snacks at Rite aide.
  • Get here early if you want concessions because the staff is EXTREMELY slow.
  • Theaters 7 through 10 are the best and biggest theaters. The worst and smallest are 1-6 followed by the ones downstairs. Also, the theater doesn't have a real IMAX screen.
  • This theater is about 5 miles from my place in Brooklyn. I have walked home from here many times. You should do the same.
  • More fun if you sneak in some red wine!
  • Theater 13 is a joke. The screen is so small. Save your money and watch it at home on blu-ray 3D.

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