AMC 34th Street 14

Movie Theater, Cineplex
312 W 34th St (btwn 8th & 9th Ave)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 244-4556


  • The IMAX here is just one of those big screens branded IMAX. It's not a real IMAX! Don't be fooled! (Lincoln Center is the best alternative.)
  • One bathroom for 14 theaters? Seriously? Its on the second floor, so make a trip before the movie starts, or you could miss the pivotal scene while making the long trek.
  • Kinda sucks cause Only one floor has a bathroom.
  • The Place to go if you want to see 3D IMAX
  • My dick is bigger than their 'IMAX' screen. LOL J/K. Really the screen is only 8 inches across.
  • Imax is not true Imax screen or seating. Much much smaller than it should be. Go to the Imax uptown for the real deal.
  • Curse out seat holding motherfuckers.
  • Man! It is hot in here.
  • I Bought My Own Food,Just Hide It In A Shopping Bag Like GameStop,Macys,Etc
  • The employees are not happy
  • Ghettofab time.
  • If want to go to many movies for the price of one, this is the place to go! Since they rip your tickets at the bottom, you can just walk around after your first movie and, well, you know. ;)
  • Why most of these people complain. Damn! Just watch the movie. Get a life!!! LOL
  • Three 3D theaters, 1 of which is an IMAX (more like1/2) theater.
  • Be careful when saving seats. Some jerk will curse you out.
  • Stadium seating is the best! Attitude from staff...not so cute.
  • Great for movie hopping. You only show your stub at the way beginning and then you can hop between floors (bathroom is on its own separate floor).
  • Ghetto popcorn and a Duane reade pitstop for snackage.
  • Food prices are ridiculous!!!
  • 1/2 price early bird specials

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