AMC Deer Valley 30

Movie Theater, Cineplex
3033 W Agua Fria Fwy (at N 27th Ave)
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(623) 434-0300


  • If you have crying babies, leave the theater! And control the rest of your kids running around to different seats! Don't ruin the movie for the rest of us!
  • While you're here, you should watch a movie.
  • Here is a tip. Go to Harkins instead.
  • Movies are 5.25 Monday through Thursday all day and on the weekends open till noon is 5.25, noon to 4 is 8.00 and anything after 4 is 10.50
  • You can't bring your Starbucks in which sucks!
  • When you go here you should sit at the top because you can use your phone or any electronic device and no will notice!!! Also you can make hand figures on the screen! :)
  • five buck movies before noon fri thru sunday
  • Kiosks are always broken. Usually one person working. Go to harkins.
  • Best Movie Theater in Valley. Totally HUGE. No bad seat in the place
  • 5 dollars but amc is charging for their reward card now wtf!
  • Seeing expendables
  • A fun evening out, Guardians of the Galaxy a fun movie
  • As of today movies are no longer 5 dollars its 6 dollars now
  • Once a month AMC theaters hold a screening for people with sensory issues. The lights are never fully dimmed and the sound is not too loud
  • If you're one of those rude, inconsiderate, douchebag gossiping people that cannot refrain from flapping your annoying jaw once the movie begins, stay the *bleep* home! Please.
  • Pretzel with cheese!!!!!
  • Movies that start around 10am are only 10.00. Even for imax 3d.
  • Watch your concessions! My daughter got sick from an expired Strawberry Milk from here...
  • Love putting butter on my own popcorn!
  • 30 screens and both ticket counters are closed? You have to buy your tickets at guest services. Very poor.

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