AMC Castleton Square 14

Movie Theater, Cineplex
6020 E 82nd St (at Castleton Square Mall)
Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 577-9538


  • Stick a straw in the middle of your popcorn bag and let the butter flow. Best way to butter the middle of your popcorn!
  • Stadium seating ROCKS!
  • Buy your tickets from the automated machines to the left, it's so much better than waiting in line!
  • Ask for layered butter!
  • Agree with the consensus..I thought the concessions were unusually high here?!
  • Movies seen Mon-Thurs are $5 all day, and movies before noon on Fri, Sat, & Sun!
  • Being a Stubs member is definitely worth it. Free concession upgrades and $10 cash for every $100 spent (much easier to do than you might think.)
  • Give yourself 20 minutes before show time I you intend to get concessions. It simply takes that long.
  • This theater is one of the most comfortable theaters in Indianapolis! HD screens, ample seating. Beware though, teenagers run crazy here.
  • The slowest concessions EVER. They have no sense of urgency. Get there early for the movies but even earlier if you want food.
  • Ridiculous concession prices!
  • Went there for proximity, it was close to my home. Nice theater.
  • Good movie theatre. They have the standard food and movies. Nothing too spectacular, but a good place to catch a movie
  • So. Many. High schoolers.
  • The Stubs program is a great thing to sign up for! Free upgrades, $10 back for every $100 spent and I like not having to pay for Fandango online fees.
  • 2nd best theater in Indy! Seats and atmosphere are very comfortable, but concession prices are way off the chart! Seriously!
  • Nice big theater to chill
  • 6 dollars for a small popcorn ha yeah right bring your own snacks!
  • $7 smart snack pack = great savings and good snacks. Best kept concessions hidden secret.
  • If you are going to a promo screening be sure to arrive 60 minutes early...they intentionally are overbooked.

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