AMC Barton Creek Square 14

Row 1

2901 S Capital of Texas Hwy (Barton Creek Square Mall)
Austin, TX 78746
(512) 306-1991

Foursquare Tips

  • Leave and go to the Drafthouse instead.
  • I'm the best employee...come see me!
  • We have midnight movies every Thursday or the day before it's release! Come join us for $5 movies before noon everyday! Student Night is Thursday all day
  • Beware of the rats in the theatres. They have a tendency to run over your feet.
  • The bar sometimes has a themed drink menu for new releases. Comfortable seats. Unfortunately people talk in the theater.
  • Seats are crowded, sitting on front row with railing has more room.
  • Always disappointed in the amount of leg space. I'm 6'1
  • Skip this theater. It's dirty and full of annoying teens who will ruin your movie. Management does nothing about it.
  • I usually don't have an issue with this theater, but, today, it smells like pee.
  • Seats suck.
  • To get a good seat come at least 10 mins before movie starts.
  • Movie "Jersey Boys" is a really good movie must see. Love the part were there Singing several different songs through out the movie. (alot of cussing&swearing)
  • Any large CornPop or SodaPop is free Refills.
  • The lady who takes your ticket was a fucking bitch. Make sure to bring your id when seeing a r rated movie. Also don't wear a plastic Freddy Krueger glove she considers it a "weapon". Dumb fucks
  • Don't waste your money on an Imax movie here. The theater is dinky. Go to Bullock instead to get your money's worth.
  • The seats here are horrible. Crowded and no reclining whatsoever.
  • You can do better than AMC...unless you are stuck at the Mall I'd go elsewhere
  • The rows of seats in this theater are far too close together to be comfortable! The viewing angle is a little off as well. Avoid this theater if possible!
  • Not the most amazing movie facilities, but I'm a loyal AMC Movie Watcher.
  • Coke Zero on tap... can't go wrong. Once you get some, tweet @cokezero & let us know what you're seeing and how the Zero went down.

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