All This Week!

All This Week!

All this week I will be guest hosting The Josh Tolley nationally syndicated radio program; 10-12 Eastern. If not on your local radio station (then demand it!); you can listen via the internet here:

Josh Tolley Live

Here is the lineup:

Monday September 28th-The Perils of Chronic Inflammation: Dr. Rodier author of Switching off Chronic Disease and Bill Henderson, author of Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing

Tuesday September 29th-Your Food Rights: Ali Berlow Chef and author of The Food Activist Handbook

Wednesday September 30th-Whatever happened to the Arts?-Lead singer of The Terks & Television host; “The Professor” Adam Reeder; Worldwide acclaimed and best selling author Jazz Drummer Tommy Igoe; Celebrity Fitness Star, NYT best selling author of the Virgin Diet, JJ Virgin

Thursday October 1st-Food, Glorious Food: Celebrity Chef & Food Network Winner Chef Luca Paris

Friday October 2nd – Eating in The Modern Age: Dr. Magnano (Eating to survive or eating to thrive?) and Dr. Sharad

Monday October 5th- Food and Health in the commercial kitchen; what’s that mean for the average diner? Celebrity Chef & Nutritionist Kristin Sollenne