Alinea Comes To New York And More News

The Daily Meal brings you the biggest news from the food world.

Chefs and Personalities
Next week, José Andrés is expanding food truck Pepe to surrounding suburbs in Virginia and Maryland. [Eater]

Pete Wells visits the Alinea pop-up at Eleven Madison Park, which involves fall foliage and a ton of classic Achatz dishes. [NY Times]

Here's a history of the art and food relationship, explaining a ton of restaurant/galleries popping up around town. [WSJ]

Pop Culture
Are you hungry? You probably shouldn't watch these movies. [BuzzFeed]

Rebelling against a new value-added tax in Spain, a theater in Catalonia is selling carrots as tickets, which are exempt from the tax. [NY Times]

Is London beating out Paris as the epicurean center of Europe? Yesterday's leak of the Michelin star winners look promising. [Business Insider]

In preparation for tomato-throwing fest La Tomatina, a town is planning on charging participants an entry fee of €5 to "limit attendance and improve safety." [Reuters]

The chef who says he killed and cooked his wife was found guilty of second-degree murder. [LA Times]