Alexander Wang RTW Fall 2014: Worth the Trek Out to Brooklyn?


On Saturday during New York Fashion Week, Alexander Wang showed off his Fall 2014 collection—and if we’re reading him correctly there are going to be some intense pockets, bright colors and more over-the-knee boots as soon as autumn hits. And despite the fact that it was in Brooklyn (which according to the freak-out on social media seemed to be the most unholy of unholy locations as far as Fashion Week goes), it seemed to be a huge success. Especially when one considers it was a sartorial wonderland of utilitarian coats, boots and—oh yes, color changing leather


“We started with this idea of extreme conditions and started thinking about survival,” Wang told WWD during a preview of the collection. And while he referenced the wild outdoors, extreme sports and traversing rugged terrain, it was reinterpreted for a New York landscape. Is that utility pack for a flashlight and emergency tools? Nope, it was cut specifically for an iPad, smartphone, maybe a tube of mascara or lipstick—what on earth would you need a flashlight for in New York? And while we know pockets add bulk and padding to our physique, we can’t help but love these—we’ll just throw on a pair of Spanx. 

The coats are the obvious standouts of the collection; even the chic, super-urban dresses don't stand a chance. Pea coats, bombers, shearling trimmed varsity jackets and suede deconstructed pieces fill the collection. It lacks direction, but the extreme amount of utility pockets was consistent throughout the lineup, and left us wondering if we would ever need a handbag again—maybe we can use the Birkin as an ultra-chic lunchbox?

With editors, photographers and the “it” crowd cursing their luck that they had to trek all the way to Brooklyn for a show, there was more pressure than usual for the collection to be a success. Any doubts were reassured when models encircled the runway and it began to slowly turn, placing models in front of heated vents that changed the colors of their once neutral garments into vivid blues and purples growing brighter with every rotation. We’re pretty sure no one will hesitate to make the trip again. 

Overall it was a multidirectional collection; neons were paired with drab greys, mod shift dresses came out alongside puffy ski jackets and pieces were tailored on top and deconstructed on the bottom. But it had one underlying constant—if we ever need to make it through the polar vortex again, we can do it in style—while, of course, also hanging onto our iPad, gloves, makeup, flares and an emergency can of tuna.