Tourists in Trouble for Throwing Noodles at Flight Attendant

Tourists in hot water for fight started over hot water

A passenger reportedly threw hot noodles at a flight attendant because she wanted a receipt for water. 

It has not been a good week for air travel, especially for flight attendants. First a Korean Airlines executive turned a flight around because she said a flight attendant had served macadamia nuts the wrong way, and then a pair of angry tourists caused a plane to turn around after throwing hot noodles at a flight attendant.

According to Shanghaiist, a man and woman on a Thai Air Asia flight from Bangkok to Nanjing threw an enormous tantrum Friday over not being able to sit together. A flight attendant reportedly helped them change their seats, but there was still enough rage flying around the plane that things escalated quickly when the couple learned they could not get a receipt for hot water served on the plane, which they wanted to use to make some instant noodles. The woman reportedly threw the steaming hot noodles in the flight attendant’s face, while her companion loudly threatened to blow up the airplane.

At that point, the pilots turned the plane around and went back to Bangkok. The couple may have been blacklisted by the airline in response to the incident.

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The man involved in the incident said the flight attendant was hit with burning noodles by accident during the fight, which he says really was about wanting a receipt for water.