75 Ah Balling Peanut Soup

#01-75 Golden Mile Food Centre (505 Beach Road)
Singapore, 199583


  • Amaze balls! honestly I really love the ginger soup with sesame ah balling combo. Long but fast moving queue they even have yam and also matcha filling ah balling.
  • Black sesame is really nice. Light sweet ginger soup complements the flavours.
  • For a lighter base, opt for their longan soup. Lightly sweetened, it showcases the flavours of the tang yuen. Limited supply
  • Old name for tang yuen over 30yrs. However staff says they only make the Peanut soup themselves now, peanut and sesame ah balling are outsourced, for the rest of the flavours, they only make the skin.
  • I love this snack! Chewy dough balls with sweet and crunchy peanut filling. Never fail to eat it when I'm here!
  • Serves both peanut and ginger soup. Dumplings come in flavours of peanut, black sesame, yam and green tea. Smooth dumplings with thin skins and generous fillings
  • Comes in 4 flavours; sesame, peanut, red bean, yam. Comes with standard peanut soup
  • Reasonable price for a good ah balling desert. $2-5 $1.70-4
  • Good value: $1.70 for 4 pcs, $2 for 5 pcs
  • Nothing but fantastic peanut balls!
  • The peanut soup is the best!
  • You can mix ball flavours. Black sesame was the best, yam the worst (little yam taste). The other 3 were OK
  • The ah balling is of a good texture. But I personally find the peanut soup slightly too sweet.
  • Since 1947

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