AgroGeneration Event Brings Food Leaders Back to Italy

From by Lani Furbank
AgroGeneration Event Brings Food Leaders Back to Italy

Next month, experts, entrepreneurs, researchers, activists, and industry visionaries will gather in Italy to take part in AgroGeneration. This event will explore what technology has to offer to the future of agriculture. There will be a series of activities in Sicily from July 18 through 23.

AgroGeneration is a week-long international event made up of a hackathon, summer school, future farmers program, and summit. The intention of the week is to highlight Italy and the region of Sicily as a hot spot for biodiversity and a natural meeting point of food knowledge and culture. It will also revisit the legacy of EXPO 2015 and Italy’s commitment to play a central role in innovations in the food system. Food Tank will be participating as a Global Media Partner.

The Summer School portion will take place at the University of Messina from July 18 through 20, focusing on the skills, culinary expertise, knowledge, and history of Mediterranean food. Topics will include food waste developments, cross pollination, and the significance of the Mediterranean diet.

During the same time frame, 20 young Italian farmers will have the opportunity to take part in a hands-on three-day journey to learn about how open source hardware can change our relationship with farming and agriculture.

The Hackathon will kick off on July 21 at the University of Catania. The aim of the event is to create models, solutions, and prototypes that have the potential to solve problems in agricultural production and nutrition. Two hundred students, farmers, entrepreneurs, activists, and experts will work together toward the common goal.

AgroGeneration will culminate in a summit hosted by the Italian Minister of Agriculture from July 21 through July 23 at the University of Catania. The summit is expected to draw 800 participants from around the world to discuss ideas and projects to feed the planet. There will be lectures, conferences, keynotes, and networking.

Visit Future Food’s website for information or to register for the event.

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