Agrarian Ales Offering Shares in Company to Expand

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Agrarian Ales Offering Shares in Company to Expand


Agrarian Ales out of Eugene, Oregon is offering public shares in the farmhouse brewery under a new state law in order to expand. Perhaps Oregon’s most truly “farmhouse” brewery Agrarian grows 100% of their own hops, and grow 98% of the ingredients they use for cooking at their tasting room and in their beers from herbs and spices to fruits and vegetables. Their tasting room is a secret beloved location only open on a few days a week that Eugenites and Portlanders in the know travel  to experience the rustic farmhouse setting and wild ales using local hops and spices, play lawn games, stroll the 4-acre outdoor grounds and listen to live music. Now the two year old company has launched a fundraiser that puts kickstarter capitalists to shame by offering real shares in the company to Oregonians under a new state law not unlike a company going public on the stock market but limited to only Oregon investors.  The new law of which Oregon is the 13th state to implement is called “2015 Oregon Community Capital Initiative” and just went into affect as of January 15th creating an exemption from the federal securities law and is designed to help small businesses grow without selling out.



Beer Garden at the Agrarian Farms tasting room and brewery

Agrarian Ales has valued their company based on similar breweries and accounting at $500,000 and they are looking to raise an additional $165,000 or 33% of the company. The $165,000 they need is broken down as $45,000 for a Restroom and Outdoor Heating Upgrade, $15,000 for a Grain Milling Room, $15,000 for a barrel room and bottling equipment, $20,000 for a Hop Field expansion and processing equipment and $70,000 for Fermentation tanks and cooperage.


Agrarian Farms hop fields

So valuing shares at $100 each they have 1,650 shares to sell to public investors that must be Oregonians. The benefits of investing encompass those from a Kickstarter campaign but with the additional rewards and risks of a true financial investor, Agrarian is offering a 5% biennial dividend that pays every 2 years in brewpub credit and will also create an Agrarian Society club for those investing $1,000 or more. If your wishing for more than credit at the brewery, these stocks are worth money just as those on the stock exchange and if Agrarian doubles in size then the value of the stocks doubles (or decreases if it goes badly). Yes those shares are re-sellable but only after 9 months and only to another Oregonian.  Owner Ben Tilley says “It is not meant to be an opportunity to make a quick buck.  The idea is you are investing long-term in a part of your community that you want to see grow, flourish, and something you can be proud of.  In our case, it allows us to grow without having to consider investments from competitors, like InBev (not that we would ever do that).” This is a great way for both a brewery and a prospective beer fan and investor to be a part of the industry and put some skin in the game rather than throwing in $50 bucks via a kickstarter to get a brewery baseball cap or a couple hundred to be in a club membership. Forget Kickstarter, IndieGogo or any of those other crowdfunding initiatives because this is an example of a brewery really putting something on the table and those feeling snubbed by Kickstarters or Ab/InBev buyouts can now put their money where their mouths are to help small craft breweries stay independent and locally owned.

Read, Download and apply under the full public offering document here:

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