Adult Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk with a 40 Proof Twist

Adult Chocolate Milk excites as many taste buds as it does feelings.  One part childhood, one part adulthood, this is the drink you’ve been waiting for.  The real cream and rich chocolate taste will send you back to the days of blowing bubbles through your curly straw, while the spike of vodka will gently remind you just how happy you are to be “of age.” 

And who better to make your new favorite chocolate milk than two moms from the West? Tracy Reinhardt first developed the drink at home and drew some interest from her Facebook status – “Tracy Reinhardt is enjoying some Adult Chocolate Milk!”  Her old friend Nicole Halbur loved the idea and the taste so much, that not a day later the twosome had formed Adult Beverage Co.

In a market with over 300 vodka-based drinks, Adult Chocolate Milk is the new stand out.  With the tagline, “Retaste your youth.  At 40 proof.” who could resist?  The distinguished retro-chic bottle inspires nostalgia for yester-year that may have you wanting more milkman than bartender.  Enjoyed best over ice, as all chocolate milk is, the creamy beverage drapes your tongue with layers of flavor.  First chocolate milk, then a distinct, but well blended hit of alcohol, then a smooth chocolatey finish.  The company won’t disclose the ingredients, but we imagine it’s exactly what you’d want, with enough magic to keep it shelf-stable and perfect for your holiday bar.

Thanks to Adult Beverage Co. you can look forward to other classics, like orange cream, limeade, and fruit punch, getting refitted for the 21 and over crowd.