Adorable Kids Eat Ice Cream for the First Time

Status Creative filmed their reactions, and they are predictably awww-inducing
Baby Eating Ice Cream

Few things are more perfect than a scoop of ice cream on a hot day (or cold — we're not just fair-weather fans), so we can only imagine what kids' reactions would be when they try ice cream for the first time ever. One word: Adorable.

Status Creative proved us right, with this video showing kids eating ice cream for the first time. While this seems to be an ad for Moose Tracks, as Grub Street points out, it's still sweet to see a ton of kids (and babies!) smiling after their first bite of cold, creamy chocolate chip ice cream.

Naturally, not everyone thinks this is a great idea, since ice cream is full of sugar and fat (YouTube commenters are being especially harsh). But still, everything in moderation, right? For example, these kids won't be eating ice cream 10 times a day, and we'll just watch this video once for a pick-me-up. Or maybe twice.