Add Some Pumpkin to Your Butter

Add Some Pumpkin to Your Butter
Photo by Dina Zaret

Photo by Dina Zaret

Where to use pumpkin butter?.

The Classics:

1. Oatmeal: Put it in your oatmeal (obviously my #1 choice). Add in a banana or apple if you’re feeling ~fancy~.

2. Yogurt: A scoop of pumpkin butter in some Fage will do wonders.

3. Sandwiches: Pumpkin butter low key goes really well with turkey.

4. Crackers: The simplest solution can often be the best one. Even try slathering some over almond butter for a particularly decadent snack.

The Experimentals:

1. Tofu and fish: The sweetness with a little spice of the pumpkin butter actually goes really well with tofu and light fishes. Tip: pair with quinoa or rice cooked with apple sauce for the perfect meal.

2. Roasted veggies: Cauliflower or zucchini with a little sweet pumpkin kick? Yes, please.

3. Sauteed apples: Do I need really need to explain how this would be incredible?

Where to get this magical spread:

1. Beechwood Orchards: The farmer’s market outside the bookstore on Wednesdays makes my favorite pumpkin butter. Open the jar and get a nice whiff of heaven. They also sell their butter at the farmer’s market at Rittenhouse.

2. Kauffman’s: Their pumpkin butter is sold at Milk & Honey and Reading Terminal Market (now on Instacart :O ). A little less spice than the Beechwood Orchards, but delicious nonetheless without any sugar added!

Photo by Dina Zaret

Photo by Dina Zaret

3. Trader Joe’s: Their’s is not my absolute favorite pumpkin butter (and my least favorite of the bunch), but it’s still delicious and definitely a great option.

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