Adams Feed Store

Pet Store
2601 W Arkansas Ln
Arlington, TX 76016
(817) 548-8661


  • Great little feed store for unusual items. Antler chews for dogs, slow feeder bowls for dogs, big, big, biggest collars I have ever seen! Live animal traps, lots of rodent killer/bait stations.
  • Great food prices and cute adoptable pets every day!
  • We asked for wood that was covered d/t the rain. They sold us wood they said had just been put out that morning. He loaded it in our truck and it was soaking wet. Also their customer service sucks.
  • Awesome place to buy yummie eatables for your doggie! They have the biggest pig ears I have ever found for so cheap! Only $1.49! I will be back (:
  • Do it yourself dog shots. Much cheaper!