Activities & Recreation Center (ARC)

Gym, Rec Center, Gym
201 E Peabody Dr (btwn 1st & 4th St)
Champaign, IL 61820


  • Ladies, don't be intimidated by all the bros in the weight room.
  • If you're gonna expel gas, at least do everyone else here a solid and not crop-dust. For real though. Kinda hard to lift that barbell with several plates with a haunting aroma in the air.
  • The treadmills on the main floor facing the rock wall have fans!
  • Remember your icard before running across campus if you want to get in.
  • Free parking in law school lot after 5pm + weekends
  • Go to the ARC and try the rock climbing wall!!
  • Ladies, if you plan on showering here bring your own hair dryer. None work in the locker room and ARC no longer replaces nonfunctional ones.
  • Don't come to the outdoor pool when it's 60 degrees out. We'll worry something is wrong with you
  • Come to the expo career fair :) so many companies
  • If you go in the morning, The Man Cave doesn't smell so bad.
  • The ARC (Activities and Recreation Center) was originally built in 1971 but opened in August 2008 as one of the largest on-campus recreation facilities in the country!
  • If you want to see the athletic trainer go early!!
  • Better than CRCE
  • Don't go between 4 and 7 pm... it gets very crowded
  • A gym with a climbing wall, 2 pools and sauna... cant beat that
  • Nice place to work out. The outdoor pool is great when it's open.
  • For the first time in foreeeevvveerrr! #workout #phat
  • Go tan by the outdoor pool on sunny days
  • Make sure you charge your phone before coming. No outlets on deck. My bad......
  • If youre up for a hard but motivating workout, take Pedal Pop with Paula!

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