Action Alert! Keep Organic Growing Stronger!

From by Alexina Cather
Action Alert! Keep Organic Growing Stronger!

On April 7th, 2016 the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) proposed a rule to clarify existing federal organic regulations surrounding animal welfare standards based on those initiated in 2011 by the NOSB. At that time, the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) to the National Organic Program released recommendations they hoped would improve the lives of poultry and livestock and to strengthen the organic label in the areas of animal welfare, handling, transport, and slaughter. The guidelines set standards for indoor and outdoor space for organic poultry and livestock and added definitions to which practices are permitted and prohibited under organic regulations.

The Senate has tried to block the USDA’s rule because some large producers are resisting the updates to their facilities, which include providing meaningful outdoor access for poultry. Some senators have put a rider on an appropriations bill that effectively blocks the regulations.

Food Tank readers can support the USDA in its efforts to move organic standards forward by:

Sharing the following post on all your social sites: “Tell the Senate we want even stronger organic animal welfare standards! This week, maybe even tomorrow, the Senate will attempt to block regulations that provide better living conditions, including more access to the outdoors, for animals raised for organic meat and poultry, and for organic egg production. Call your Senator today:

Activating your list—ask your partners, friends, readers, and customers to call their senator today.

Forwarding this article via email and asking your partners to share as well.

Calling your senator and express your support for stronger organic animal welfare standards.

Please take action today to support the welfare of organic livestock and poultry.

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