ABSOLUT Transform Today Global Campaign Brings in Couture Designer Yiqing Yin


It's not unusual for liquor brands to collaborate with different companies so we're not surprised that ABSOLUT has started their first global campaign with creative agency Sid Lee, called Transform Today. The campaign draws inspiration from the creative spirit, calling upon four cutting-edge artists to participate — one of which is French haute couture designer Yiqing Yin. Photo Courtesy of ABSOLUT

"This is an exciting moment for ABSOLUT. For 30 years — ever since our first art ad was created by Andy Warhol — globally renowned artists have made amazing works inspired by our iconic bottle. Now, we are transforming the way we collaborate with artists," says Jonas Tåhlin. VP Global Marketing at ABSOLUT. Photo Courtesy of ABSOLUT

Known for championing the cultural impact of art, ABSOLUT wanted to collaborate with artists who shared their daring spirit and dedication to personal expression — those who craft their work by breaking thing, challenging conventions and recreating themselves for the chance at more. Photo Courtesy of Yiqing Yin

Naturally, Yiqing Yin fit in seamlessly. Not concerned with order, she pushes boundaries by experimenting with flow and movement while "sculpting" her pieces directly onto the mannequin. The young designer embraces fashion modernization and lets the fabric call the shots, all while drawing from nature. Photo Courtesy of ABSOLUT

For the official global launch, the four artists (Woodkid, Aaron Koblin, and Rafael Grampá) will be introduced via television commercial, print ads, and an online campaign. Starting November, they will open their creative process to the public, offering people the chance to explore their own creative potential through the media.