A2B's Sculpted Electric Bike Collection Has Something For Everyone


"We don't build our bikes. We sculpt them."

That's a pretty heavy statement, but Hero Eco's A2B is standing by it with their luxury electric bike. The recent trend of powered bicycles has gone crazy within the past few years, which is impressive considering they were virtually nonexistent a decade ago, and have been bought to replace traditional bikes, motorcycles, and even cars. Utilizing their very own bespoke internal motor system, the company offers seven different eBikes, each with its own unique features and capabilities. The Kuo (which reaches speeds of 15.5 mph with a range of 25 miles) is able to fold completely down so you can carry or store it in a bag. If you want something that gives throttle power and pedal-assist, you may want to check out the Alva+ ($3,399).