Mysterious American Orders One Million Doughnuts From France

A French doughnut-maker just got a very large order from the United States


A French company received a record-breaking order to ship a million doughnuts to the U.S.

France is known for its pastries, but there are probably quite a few outfits in the United States that could hook a person up with a decent doughnut. A mysterious U.S. customer, however, has decided to go abroad for his or her breakfast pastries, reportedly ordering one million doughnuts to be shipped from France to the States.

According to UPI, the record-breaking doughnut order was placed through Berlidon, a French industrial baker that ships its beignets and doughnuts frozen. The company exports to more than 30 countries around the world, but the giant order is a bit of a head-scratcher, because doughnuts are generally considered more of a U.S. specialty. As the French newspaper Le Figaro put it, it’s sort of like if a French businessman ordered a million frozen croissants to be shipped from the United States to Paris.[slideshow: 1612082]

The French doughnuts will be shipped to Los Angeles, where the buyer apparently got the idea from another Berlidon customer in Las Vegas who said the French company was the best place to go if one happened to need a million doughnuts.

"In the United States there are not many industrial bakeries like ours,” said Berlidon's Luc Jeanierre. “In addition, we offer a smaller than standard sized donut purposefully geared towards the American market."