Swedes Hate Seeing Food on Instagram

Swedish users report hating food on their Instagram feeds
Commons/Casey Lehman

Half of Swedish Instagram users report hating seeing pictures of food.

Swedes seem to love social media, but when it comes to posts from their friends, a staggering amount of Swedish Instagram users say they really hate seeing pictures of other people's food on their feeds.

According to The Local, in a recent poll of more than 3,000 Scandinavian Internet users by Nokia, half of all Swedes surveyed said they were, "irritated by pictures of food showing up on their Instagram and Facebook pages." They did not love their friends' selfies, but food pictures headed up the most-hated list.

Norwegian users, on the other hand, were less likely to frequently use Instagram but do not mind food pictures as much. But 40 percent of Norwegians surveyed said they hated seeing workout and gym pictures on their Facebook and Instagram feeds, while 70 percent of Swedes said they did not have a problem with the workout selfie or "healthie."

One in five Swedes surveyed posts a phone image at least once a week, while only one in 10 Danes or Norwegians posts as often.

But while the Swedish survey responders were vehemently opposed to social media food sharing, plenty of people say they still like it.

"I love food pictures, as long as the food looks good," said one 22-year-old woman from Stockholm to The Local.

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"I think food pictures are homey," another young Instagram user said. "The ones that bother me are the pictures of poor children and animals that say 'like this picture', as though liking it helps anything."