Police Sergeant Caught Extorting Hamburgers From Coworkers

Osaka police sergeant resigns after forcing subordinates to buy lunch

An Osaka police sergeant put on more than 30 pounds after extorting huge amounts of food from subordinates.

When taking employees out to lunch, it is a nice gesture for the boss to pick up the check at the end of the meal. It is less nice for a boss to force his subordinates to buy him huge amounts of food and foot the bill for his appetite, but that’s what one Osaka police sergeant has been doing for nearly four years.

Since at least February, 2010, the sergeant has been forcing junior officers to go out and buy him lunch on his own dime, according to Rocket News 24.

While working at a police box for a seven-month period in 2010, he was known to drop by a different police box manned by a lower-ranking officer and demand that officer go out and buy him huge amounts of food for lunch. At various points he sent the other man out to buy him 15 hamburgers, 15 doughnuts, and/or three huge orders of fried noodles. The younger officer was expected to take the order, buy the food, and pay for everything.

After he was caught, the sergeant resigned at the request of his supervisors. The worst part about incident is that the sergeant was specifically doing it to be a jerk.

“I wanted to see the scowls on [junior officers’] faces,” he said. “I wanted to discipline them.”

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The sergeant may have successfully annoyed his coworkers and cost them large amounts of money, but he certainly did not do himself any favors in the process. During the seven months the man was at the police box, his weight reportedly ballooned from 161 pounds to 194 pounds from all the food he was extorting.